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High-density Wi-Fi

Our latest Wi-Fi technology provides higher performance and greater efficiency than ever before—even in environments with high client density, like schools.


Our smart access points provide valuable machine-learning insights about client devices—helping to identify bottlenecks, or build custom location-aware software solutions.


With automated Wi-Fi channels, simple multi-site management and wireless intrusion prevention, our wireless technology is easy to manage and secure at scale.

POA Solutions Wireless

POA’s Wi-Fi Consulting Services enables affordable ways to integrate the latest Wi-Fi technology into your information networks. POA’s extensive background in the integration and management of Cisco wireless technology makes it possible to offer expert consulting support for a broad range of wireless environments and applications.

POA has a skilled team of Cisco-certified wireless networking consultants. Our team strives to design, deploy, manage, expand, upgrade, and troubleshoot converged wired/wireless networks of any size and for any venue. We also provide wireless site surveys. That can help to design and install a Wi-Fi network with custom-designed access point clustering optimized for your specific office structure.

Comprehensive security
Data-optimized intelligence
Reliability beyond Wi-Fi 6
collaboration platform

POA Solutions Wireless

Features and Benefits

With more devices connecting to your network, you need solutions that offer security, speed, and reliability. Our wireless solutions—which include Cisco DNA Center, Wi-Fi 6 indoor and outdoor-access points, and wireless controllers—can help meet today’s business demands and user expectations.

AI/ML intelligence

Real-time insights optimize the network and boost its efficiency.

Uninterrupted Security

Get continuous network monitoring and mitigation of security threats.

Built for IoT

Get reliable connectivity through IoT device classification, segmentation, visibility, & management.

Prepared for tomorrow

Returning to the office? Working from home? Cisco prepares you for both indoors and outdoors.

Unmatched Visibility

Our cloud-based dashboard provides total visibility into a network’s users, their devices and their applications. This provides the ability to quickly create access control and application usage policies that optimize both the end-user experience and network security.

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Next-generation Wi-Fi products

A complete range of Wi-Fi 6 models–with multigigabit technology–to allow you to optimize wireless access points for a seamless user experience, with faster connections, greater user capacity, and more coverage.

Solutions that matter for your organization​

AI-based insights Scalable & secure access Location-based services Simplified Connections

Insights help provide consistent network accuracy with advanced analytics and machine learning.

Enhance business agility and zero-trust security by automating one policy across the entire access network.

Gain insights into the behavior of people and things in your physical spaces.

Deliver secure, seamless, and automatic onboarding with OpenRoaming technology.