Why Does Your Product Company Need To Outstaff Developers Even If You Have In

Thus, you get not only employees needed, but also a dedicated team of experts who will lead the development process to success, and a trustworthy partner who is always there for you. First off, we had a call with the CEO who guided us through the process. We agreed on the requirements and key skills that we were looking for in candidates. After that, the Talent Acquisition Team started the scouting process and provided us with a list of the best candidates in the end. We took it from there and interviewed the hand-picked candidates on our own.

This would improve company performance across a number of key metrics such as hiring cost reduction, increased productivity, better tech support, and knowledge loss prevention. Within the outsourcing vs outstaffing paradigm, software outsourcing means when companies delegate one of the business needs to a third-party service provider. Apart from software development, a company can turn to outsource to help with their manufacturing, accounting, software development, testing, support or call center, and other digital activities. You can decide based on the needs of your business and the required technical component, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a mature business or a startup. If your company is not technically oriented and there are no in-house experts who could lead the development team, outsourcing is more suitable for you.


The Web Designer we received created appealing visual assets which we are currently implementing on the website. This should add functionality and improve the user experience. After a few discovery meetings with the team, they carefully listened to the concept of the future website to see what areas needed improvement in terms of design and usability.

So Should I Outsource Development?

They’re tasked with providing a graphic designer and a web designer to help the client with their project. Therefore, you can either reinforce your on-site team with one developer or dedicate a whole team to delivering your project. We encourage our clients to come to our office to meet the team personally, and are glad to send our developers to our client’s office for a week or more. This allows developers to get accustomed with the project and meet the client’s team so that later we can consider all the needs of the business. If you feel the pressure as well, outsourcing can be your way to get professional, skillful developers for expanding your in-house team. Though it’s easier than trying to enter the HR competition for local talent, the outsourcing approach also has its challenges.

In Ukraine, the majority of small and mid-size IT companies call themselves IT Outsourcing. We offer our services for a fixed rate per month regardless of the candidate’s salary, no hidden costs. On top of that, we manage only direct communication without middlemen, so no more confusion and misleading information. What do you need to know for a successful software as a service development? Find the step-by-step guide with all the answers in this article.

While these concepts are widespread, they can sometimes be confusing. If you want to explore these models in more detail or select the one that suits your company, read our article. We will reveal the aspects of these concepts and also tell you how to apply them in practice without any risk.

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Experience of specialists, their level of technical skills, and company expertise in a particular area/industry affect the cost of IT outstaffing services. When you outsource the development process, you need to give access to your current project so an offshore company or a single developer can work with it. Some companies are concerned with sharing their code, business processes, and even ideas, so they prefer to hire in-house developers. A good advantage of outsourced developers is that you do not need to manage them. Nor do you need to be a techie to delve into the code or technology used.

Remote Developers May Lack Involvement

outstaff Your Team provided a list of Middle and Senior Developers for our projects. With their help, we were able to find the required specialists faster and the recruitment process was not dragging out. At the end of the day, our cooperation with Outstaff Your Team saved us time and efforts. A software company collaborated with Outstaff Your Team to identify and hire two talent acquisition specialists.

In such conditions, the client controls the entire scope of work and also leads the team himself. The outstaff company as an employer undertakes to provide equipment and salary. In turn, the client sets tasks and monitors the results. They communicate regularly, and the client considers the vendor as an integral part of their team. Lack of involvement is another risk, making an outsourcing company a pure code producer.

With our unique tech outstaffing expertise we can find an experienced specialist 2 times faster than you would normally do, and make them long-time hires. If you don’t have a developer with specific knowledge required for your project, outsourcing companies can help you find one quickly and start development almost immediately. To do this, your in-house developers will simply have to provide open APIs and a technical specification so that an offshore developer can work on separate tasks in your project. The recent trend among product companies is to hire in-house developers — and other specialists.

Reviews & Profile For Outstaff Your Team

We required a Graphic and Web Designer for a website redesign. Our team was looking for a specialist who would be able to come up with all visual solutions and who would understand our business requirements. Outstaff Your Team was hired by a software company to handle their web redesign efforts.

This guarantees the clients a clear and transparent workflow, while they can focus on solving their business problems. At the same time, our customers work in close cooperation with us. They don’t have to be technicians, as they can rely on us. But they easily control the project, make comments and edits, ask questions, and receive full reporting, since they have access to any tool or project management system we use. We believe that clients, if necessary, should be able to communicate not only with the manager but also with any member of the team, whether in Slack or on general calls.

Some cultures are extremely punctual; others have a more laid-back approach. In some cultures, people speak directly; in others, such communication would be considered rude. This will save you both time and money, as maintenance will be cheaper and will also take place simultaneous to the primary development process. Outsourced developers often cost less than in-house professionals, making it more cost-effective to delegate maintenance, support, and the implementation of minor features to them. The advantages of outstaffing development will allow you to develop a specific feature fast, but only if you take care of integrating a new member into your existing team. Outsourcing your development partly to a third-party provider is often a great solution for particular situations, and you don’t need to choose outstaff or in-house development.

  • By keeping standard things standard, the company can avoid reinventing similar wheels for multiple projects.
  • This is common practice for companies, as hiring a whole new mobile development team may be expensive in terms of both time and money.
  • This is true for outsourcing on the whole, but if you have your own in-house development team, it’s easier to verify the hard skills of your vendor.
  • Working with us, you get a mature marketing strategy for your website, web optimization, skillful implementation of innovations, and a deep understanding of project development.
  • The CTO or Product Owner may be able to do this, but either way, it’s someone from your company.

Project Kickoff You get to know the specialist with your project and provide all access. A PM can help you in the early stages of the onboarding process. BramblingTech comprises designers, IT specialists, marketing specialists, and content managers. Working with us, you get a mature marketing strategy for your website, web optimization, skillful implementation of innovations, and a deep understanding of project development.

Is “outstaffing” A Real Word?

Here is a quick guide to help you estimate conditions and make the choice towards outsource or outstaff development. Since you are not in direct contact with the team, it can be difficult to gauge the level and pace of work on tasks. Your contractor manages and completes all project data. You receive documentation upon completion of work, along with the source code and the deployed product. Now let’s consider the main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing development. In the case of engagement an employee from the UKAD team, the recruitment takes 2 business days.

Outstaff Your team just made our life easier as we did not have to go through this daunting process of recruitment. Thanks to Outstaff Your Team, the hired candidates performed and cooperated well, which helped save the client’s time in finding the right people for the job. The team was in constant communication via email to provide updates. Their well-rounded recruitment process amazed the client. Outstaffing is a type of remote recruiting model in which a vendor provides a specialist or a group of professionals for a client’s project during the contract term.

Stfalcon delivered a fully-functional product in just 4 months, meeting the client’s expectations. The team utilized their impressive expertise to deliver high-quality work on time, making them a reliable development partner. This will help you find out whether you can both trust the developer with your project and the outsourcing company with management.

If you already have an in-house team, you still might need to outsource some development or maintenance processes to an offshore team. Here are the most common situations in which an outsourced team may be the right answer. There are some drawbacks to outsourced development too. Sometimes, the mentality of an offshore team differs from that of your in-house team, and this affects communication.

Let’s see in what cases outsourcing and in-house can make a perfect combination. Another benefit of an in-house team is ease of communication. If developers are located in your office, they’re accessible to you and other team members. Communication takes less time and requires less organization when everybody is at the same location. It’s something like HR agency meets Outsourcing company.

Team members are accessible on Slack or your company’s main communicating channel. Delegating development and support to the offshore partner’s team you may either reduce spends and dramatically extend your opportunities by involving tech experts from the other countries. All the developers in the DIGIS Outsourcing Dept have passed our fine “sieve”, the procedure we use to select, screen, test, and hire top software engineers.

Having managerial positions allows contractor companies to use standards and measurements and perform control over them. Furthermore, it brings an obligation to comply with standards and achieve the KPIs. The https://globalcloudteam.com/ing company augments their remote employees with the client’s existing house team.

The client is a leading digital fintech company that provides digital assets management in B2B. They partnered with OutstaffYourTeam to bridge the gap between support and engineering by providing experienced specialists for maintenance. Main challenge was for T2-T3 Support Engineers to become long-term hires and maintain the knowledge inside of the team.

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