The key terminology here, once we see regarding Ion, was epistasthai and you will techne

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The key terminology here, once we see regarding Ion, was epistasthai and you will techne

Socrates, Aristophanes, and you will Agathon remain about sharing problem and funny: “a portion of the section try one Socrates is actually trying to convince him or her the exact same guy understands (epistasthai) simple tips to create each other comedy and you will tragedy, that someone that is from the pastime (techne) a tragic poet try a comic poet too” (223d26).

An exact malfunction, definitely, of your own speeches made by most of the symposiasts whom speak earlier to help you Socrates

Average poets you should never generate one another funny and you may tragedy, as they do not make out of real information and activity (techne) however, off divine determination (Ion 534c56). If they performed make out away from interest and you can education, if they was craftsmen poets, they will create each other funny and you will problem, due to the fact opposites are often learnt from the same interest. Therefore the latest comedic passion and the tragic hobby would have to become you to definitely and also the exact same; as a possible together with exact same craft, medicine, works with one another sickness and you can health.

At the end of the latest Symposium, Alcibiades moved of, presumably to your throng from Bacchic revelers, who burst towards their existence while the agents away from his overpowering love to the recognition and you can flattery of your audience

Socrates informs us exactly what an effective craftsman poet can create, he will not tell us what however produce. Most other Platonic spokesmen is considerably more certain. “We our selves was poets,” the fresh Athenian Stranger informs us in the Statutes, “that to your better of our very own element composed a tragedy that is the better together with most useful; at any rate, our very own entire constitution is developed because a replica of the greatest and best traditions-the very thing and that we allege ‘s the truest problem” (817b15). Earlier in identical conversation, the fresh Complete stranger is similarly specific that the same structure, regardless of if maybe not a comedy, does however embody comedic education:

Someone who is just about to get practical skills cannot discover really serious issues in the place of studying ridiculous ones, otherwise other things, for that matter, instead their contrary. However if we intend to to get advantage, also with the a tiny measure, i cannot feel major and comic too, and this is why we need to learn how to acknowledge what are absurd, to stop being involved because of the our very own ignorance of it toward performing otherwise saying anything ridiculous, when we do not need to. (816d5-e5)

The newest Symposium try a tragedy for an analogous need: it contains a reproduction of one element of like a life, namely, exactly what the Protagoras conditions an effective “symposium out of beautiful and you will good people” who connexion “attempt for each others mettle in the common dispute” from the asking and responding questions (347d3348a9). This is one way Socrates responds to help you Agathons message. It’s how Diotima converses which have Socrates. It is the brand of symposium Socrates tries to re also-expose when Alcibiades “satyr-play” is fully gone, in addition to throng out of Bacchic revelers enjoys remaining.

Rather than brand new Legislation, however, the new Symposium is actually a comedy also, because also includes an imitation of your own second-best type away from symposium demonstrated regarding the Protagoras-one where discover poets establish, and where in fact the participants “argue over points that cant become dependent having one certainty” (347e17).

In the long run, Alcibiades arrives that have-significantly sufficient-good flute-woman (212c5-e3; evaluate 176e6-7). And although she doesn’t play, their arrival inaugurates the fresh new then decline of the symposium into the something so much more including the type of symposium reviled from the Protagoras because the “an effective symposium out of popular, smart fellows… whom, incapable of host one another due to their individual talk, create the cost of flute-women, and you will pay a large amount to know the latest sound of the flute instead of their own talk” (347c4-d2). This is actually the element of satyr-enjoy throughout the Symposium-satyr graphics is actually regular into the Alcibiades speech.


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