Satan Credit cards from the an excellent Merry Appointment

Satan Credit cards from the an excellent Merry Appointment

Some other kind of the before story I acquired throughout the Rev. Owen Jones. In this case the new cloven foot and not this new horned direct are observed. The scene from the tale is actually laid regarding parish out of Rhuddlan near Rhyl.

For a change a credit dropped on the soil, as well as the people exactly who selected it found that this new smart user got an effective cloven base

It had been formerly a broad custom in Wales to have more youthful lads and you will lasses to get to know and spend a nice nights together with her in the some farmhouses. Many different types out of amusements, particularly dance, vocal, and you will credit to try out, was basically turned so you can, p. 149 in order to when you are away enough time. The Rev. Owen Jones told me that when through to an occasion a merry people met at Henafon near Rhuddlan, while the enjoyment was at its level a gentleman arrived on the farm, and entered heartily in most the fresh merriment. By and by, credit to play is introduced, additionally the complete stranger played better than any establish. Within his fright the man screamed away, and you may immediately the latest Worst You to-getting the guy it had been that had joined the fresh class-switched themselves towards a controls of fire, and you may gone away in the fireplace.

For the next facts And i am indebted to my buddy the latest Rev. Owen Jones. The story seems for the a beneficial Welsh MS. in the palms, which he be sure to lent me. I’m able to, to begin with, give the facts regarding vernacular, immediately after which I’m able to, for the advantage of my personal English readers, supply an enthusiastic English translation.

Satan Handmade cards into the Rhyd-y-Cae Link, Pentrevoelas.

“Gwas yn y Gilar an effective phen campwr ei oes am chwareu cardiau oedd Robert Llwyd Hari. Ond wrth fynd adre o Rhydlydan, wedi bod yn chwareu yn nhy Modryb Ann y Eco-friendly, ar ben y lou groes, daeth boneddwr iw gyfarfod, ag aeth yn ymgom rhyngddynt. Gofynodd y boneddwr iddo chware matches o gardiau gydag e. ‘Nid oes genyf gardian, meddai Bob. ‘Oes, y mae genyt ddau ddec yn dy bocet, meddair boneddwr. Ag fe gytunwyd we chware matches ar Bont Rhyd-y-Cae, gan ei bod yn oleu lleuad braf. Bu y boneddwr yn daer iawn arno ddod we Blas Iolyn, y caent ddigon o oleu yno, er nad oedd neb yn byw yno ar y pryd. Ond nacaodd yn lan. Aed ati o ddifrif ar y bont, Roentgen. Ll. yn curo bob tro. Ond syrthiodd cardyn dros y bont, air-conditioning fe edrychodd yntau i lawr. Beth welai and you will carnau ceffyl gan y boneddwr. Tyngodd ar y Mawredd na chwareuai ddim chwaneg; ar hyn fe aeth ei bartner yn olwyn o dan rhyngddo p. 150 good Phlas Iolyn, air-con aeth yntau adre ir Gilar.” New English of story can be comes after:-

Robert Llwyd Hari is actually a slave in Gilar farm, as well as the champion credit member of his go out. Whenever supposed house out-of Rhydlydan, shortly after a-game away from cards when you look at the Aunty Anns family, known as Eco-friendly, he had been came across at the conclusion of this new cross-lane because of the a guy, who joined towards the dialogue with him. Brand new gentleman requested him having a casino game from cards. “I’ve no notes,” answered Bob. “Sure you really have, you may have one or two bags on your pouch,” replied new gentleman. It settled to tackle a casino game on the link away from Rhyd-y-Cae, as it is a gorgeous moon night. The guy are most pressing which they is going to help you Plas Iolyn, because they carry out select indeed there, he told you, plenty of white, even in the event not one person was then way of life within set. However, Bob absolutely refused to wade indeed there. It commenced the game inside the downright an excellent serious towards the connection, R. Ll. successful all video game. But a card dropped across the bridge into the drinking water, and Bob considered, and you can watched that the guy got hoofs particularly a horse. The guy swore by the Great Becoming which he wouldn’t gamble any more, as well as on that it their mate turned himself for the a controls from flame, and departed bowling towards Plas Iolyn, and Bob went where you can find Gilar.


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